Natural Supplements for Elderly with Parkinson’s Disease

Natural Supplements for Elderly with Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s is among the most widely spread neurodegenerative diseases across the world. PD cases malfunction & reduces the nerve cells in your brain. The cells create an important chemical known as dopamine that transfer messages towards other regions of your brain to encourage better coordination and movement. As the disease progresses further and further, it tends to reduce the production of dopamine in your brain. This causes motor issues such as rigidity, restricted movements, balance issues, and tremors.

Natural Supplements to Fight PD:

Ginkgo Biloba

It encourages alertness, memory, & contains plenty of antioxidants. Besides, even though studies are ongoing, ginkgo biloba might help increase the activity of dopamine thus allowing adults to retain cells that release dopamine.

Fish Oil

Almost everybody of us must be familiar with the various health advantages offered by omega-3 fats and fish oil. Nevertheless, fish oil might also assist in treating Parkinson’s disease. Not only do omega-3’s protect brain cells, but they also help minimize the odds of depression in patients.


Melatonin plays a significant role in making sure you receive enough sleep each night. It also offers neuroprotective qualities which may assist in slowing down the progress of Parkinson’s disease.

Vitamin D

People who’re suffering from Parkinson’s might also face difficulty in getting their daily requirement of vitamin D.

According to experts, increased levels of this vitamin might allow seniors to reduce the odds of developing Parkinson’s disease. The relation between vitamin D & PD although isn’t well-known as of yet, nonetheless vitamin D can play an important role in understanding how the genetic stuff is used & might also offer relief from brain inflammation. Reduced vitamin D levels could also leave patients PD at a greater risk of bone-fractures as well as falls.

Medicare Supplement Plans for Elderly over 65:

Medicare supplemental plans are health insurances provided by private insurance agencies which supplement benefits which aren’t covered under Traditional Medicare that includes Part A as well as Part B. It basically fills the gaps which Original Medicare coverage leaves. Hence, they’re also referred to as Medigap plans.