Health Conditions that are Common with Seniors

Health Conditions that are Common with Seniors

Some of the leading causes of death among adults aged 65 and above are highly preventable and treatable. Understanding these diseases is very important because you will figure out when and how you can be treated or managed. This list provides you with insight to the leading cause of deaths among seniors. Get quotes here for plan G supplements

Heart disease

Your heart can beat uncontrollably and circulation impaired if you suffer from heart failure, hearth arrhythmia or heart attack. One of the leading causes of this condition is diabetes, smoking, inadequate exercise, improper diet, family history and high blood pressure.


This category includes colon cancer, breast cancer, and skin cancer. Among this category is the infamous bone marrow disease which is called leukemia. Seniors are more prone to these diseases than other members of the populace.

Pulmonary Disease

Chronic obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is responsible for difficulties in breathing. As the disease advances, it becomes increasing difficult for you to breathe. Over 50% of the people living with this disease are not aware that they have it. The key to its treatment is early which is through a simple process called spirometry.


This disease is caused by brain hemorrhage or a blockage of the blood flow to the brain. Both causes can lead to paralysis, immobility, swallowing problems, speech disorder, and brain damage. This disease is more common with seniors who are living with High blood pressure or diabetes.

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer is often characterized by a gradual loss of memory, changes in personality and loss of physical abilities. There is no known cause or cure to this disease. However, there are medications in place to slow down its progress.


This infection is mostly common among seniors during winter. Those with diabetes, high blood pressure and other respiratory diseases are at higher risk to it. The best defense for this is the flu vaccine.


Adult on-set or Type II diabetes have been one of the leading causes of deaths among seniors aged 65 and above. While this chronic disease reduces the efficacy of the body’s immune system, it increases the risk of heart attacks, stroke, and other blood circulation issues. It prolongs the healing of wounds while respiratory problems like influenza and pneumonia becomes difficult to contend. It can be prevented and managed by maintaining a reasonable weight, having a regular exercise and eating balanced diet.