Ease you Back Pains with Regular Exercise

Ease you Back Pains with Regular Exercise

Exercises has all along been something that people have been advocating for. That does not mean that the youthful generation is the only one that should be active in exercising. On the other hand seniors are also expected to engage in regular exercises so as to ease the back pains that is associated with age and even due to muscle dystrophy. There are also a number of other reasons why seniors should exercise every morning or during any other day. It is very crucial to make sure that you keep exercising so that you can enjoy the goodies that comes with it. Exercising is healthy and if you are a senior, I would like to share with you why exercising regular is very important for both the internal and external body.

Regular exercising helps boost blood circulation

Did you know that blood circulation is normally boosted by the actions of your muscles? If this has come as a shock to you, then here is the fact why muscles are the ones that pushes or aid your blood circulation. How is this possible? Yes, it is actually possible because whenever you do exercises regularly, it means that you are pressing your muscles against the blood vessels. This where the veins and arteries are activated to push the blood towards the right direction. When your blood keeps moving, it means that the blood can effectively reach your brain and this also prevents falls that comes due to lack of blood in your brain.

Exercise helps speed your digestion

Eating heavily and sitting or sleeping around idle is the worst thing for seniors. Whenever you eat and stay idle, it means that you will sit for hours before your digestive system can start working on the food you have just eaten. With this idea in mind, it is very important to eat, drink a lot of water and rest a bit before you go out and exercise. It is very crucial to exercise and then make sure that you help your digestion start working. It is important to remember that constipation is also aided by exercising regularly.

Exercise eases back pain

Like we have said before it is important to make sure that you exercise and get 2019 medicare advantage plans at https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org  so that you can be in a position to ease your back pains. It becomes very easy for you to do away with back pains that comes with being a senior.

Types of Renal Failure in Seniors

Types of Renal Failure in Seniors


  1. Acute renal failure

In this case, changes in the balance of water, electrolytes and other substances develop rapidly. This condition develops in old age much more often than at a young age. It can be caused by any of the serious diseases such as pneumonia, intestinal infection, intestinal obstruction, complicated peptic ulcer, and many others. In the first place, of course, are those diseases that cause dehydration: poisoning, surgical diseases, accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, or blood loss.

Why does it happen?

In old age, the renal circulation is much worse. And when the body redistributes blood due to a serious illness in order to get more of it to the heart and brain, the kidneys suffer greatly and at a rapid rate.

In elderly people, acute renal failure often develops in a post-adrenal manner. Basically, it is caused by stones, which are easier to fall in conditions where the pH level of urine are affected as one grows older.

Another cause of post-renal failure may be tumors, which also develop more often in the elderly. This is due to decreased immunity in old age and the removal of the “wrong” cells. This may lead to the formation of tumors.


decrease in the amount of urine;

urine becomes darker;

unpleasant smell in urine.

Other symptoms include:




loss of consciousness;



  1. Chronic renal failure

In the case of chronic renal failure, the amount of working tissue in the kidneys is likely to decrease – in one way or another, especially in old age.

It may also increase the odds of:

hypertension ;

atherosclerosis of the renal vessels;


chronic glomerulonephritis;

kidney amyloidosis;

kidney damage drugs;

chronic pyelonephritis;

tumors located near or in the ureter;

taking drugs that are toxic to the kidneys;

systemic diseases (eg, lupus erythematosus);


In these cases, the vessels carrying blood to the kidneys become so damaged that they are unable to pass enough nutrients to the kidneys.



decreased appetite;

the desire to lie more and move less;

sharper urine odor.


Other symptoms include:


heartache – especially at night;

increased blood pressure (which was not there before);

unpleasant ammonia smell of urine;

pale skin;

dry skin (up to the appearance on it of “powder”, consisting of ammonium salts);



loss of appetite until his absence;

gastrointestinal bleeding arising “from scratch”;

bronchitis and pneumonia, developing from the slightest cold and drafts.

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Treatment Options for Coronary Heart Disease in Senior Citizens

Treating older people suffering from CHD is quite difficult. This is due to the fact that the angina may often be combined with:

rhythm disorders;

chronic bronchitis;



an increase in the volume of the left ventricle;

increased blood cholesterol and homocysteine levels (especially in older women);

impaired kidney function, etc.

In addition, the tolerance of drugs is reduced, and the number of necessary drugs (and, accordingly, their side effects) increases.

In this regard, it is necessary to select treatment in a hospital. At home, it can be very difficult to choose the right drug, the dose, and frequency of its intake without proper consultation with the physician.

Non-drug treatment

Treatment of CHD begins with the normalization of the lifestyle of an elderly person. You need to quit smoking and avoid the consumption of alcoholic drinks. In addition, your diet must include all the required nutrients.

Even if the elderly person is not overweight. They need to abandon:

fatty foods (except avocado and salmon fish: they, on the contrary, should be consumed – they contain omega-6-unsaturated fatty acids that are good for the heart)


any fried foods;

high-calorie meals;

smoked meat, especially the one containing a large amount of fat;

salted products, including salted cheeses, pickles, and pickles.

Drug treatment

As we have said, therapy is selected in the hospital. Prescribed drugs can help reduce the frequency of attacks, prevent the development of myocardial infarction, improve survival and reduce the time you may have to spend in the hospital for any reason.

Popular drug options include:



Calcium channel inhibitors, etc.

Other drugs

This may include:

Blood thinners.

Multivitamin complexes containing nicotinic acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids.


IMP: Blood thinners like aspirin and its analogs must be taken only after meals, preferably after lunch. They require a blood platelet test and a bleeding duration test every 2-3 months.


Some of the options when it comes to physiotherapy are given below:

dry carbonic baths;


hyperbaric oxygenation.

In some cases, this treatment not only improves the quality of life but also help minimize the dosage of prescribed drugs. Medigap for seniors in the USA: Elderly above the age of 65 should check out Medicare advantage plans  on the site https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org that assist in covering expenses like copay.

Avoid too much Salt in your Food

Avoid too much Salt in your Food

For some of the senior love roasted meat and when a roasted meat is put on the table, the next thing that a senior or anyone else will ask is the salt, “pass me the salt”. That is what people will say when they are on the table ready to eat the roasted meat. Are you a senior who loves eating food and will add salt to food all the time? If yes, then it is very important to make sure that you reduce the amount of salt intake. I know that someone will ask “why?” but it is simply because it is not good for your health. There are a number of reasons why salt is not good.

Salt leads to weakening of your bones

Salts are basically made of chlorine and sodium and that means that these ions will combine with calcium in your bones and this leads to wearing off of bones. With that idea in mind, you might wonder why people who are not very old are showing signs of weakness. The weakening of bones is caused by excessive salts. If you are a senior, you need to make sure that you add salt to food when cooking and not to food which has already been served on your plate.

Too much salts may jeopardize your appetite

What happens when you put too much salt in your food? The first thing that you will ask is water. Too much salt in your food will not only make you feel like you will not take that food anymore but it also makes you lose your appetite. It is very important therefore to make sure that you add just a little salt in your food. Too much foods leads to loss of appetite. Enroll in 2019 medicare advantage plans https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org

Excess salts in your blood leads to high blood pressure

It is important to understand the fact that too much salt leads to excess salts in the blood. Blood with too much salts will end up making your heart to increase the pace of your heart. How do you normally feel whenever you eat too much salt? If you are a senior, you will feel like your heart is racing and you will just feel it by the sound made by your heart and the beats of your pulse. A racing heart could also lead to stroke and that is why you need to avoid too much salt.

Types of Spectacle Lenses for Senior Citizens

Types of Spectacle Lenses for Senior Citizens


It is with the help of spectacle lenses that an elderly person compensates for the shortcomings of their weakened vision, therefore, when choosing glasses for the elderly, pay attention to the quality of the lenses:


Optical indicators are indicated in the prescription by an optometrist (ophthalmologist) after an elderly person undergoes a complete visual examination. Order glasses in specialized stores, where you are guaranteed to get an exact match.


The refractive index of a spectacle lens is the main indicator of the “classiness” of the lenses. The higher this indicator, the smaller the thickness and curvature. The difference is especially noticeable with “strong” diopters. High index lenses are lighter and less distorting to the eyes. You can choose a “thin” frame for them. The refractive indices for optical glass vary from 1.5 to 1.9, and for plastic from 1.5 to 1.7 (coefficients close to 1.5 are low-index, over 1.6 are high-index).


Types of Spectacle Lenses


Lenses can be typically of 2 types: glass and plastic. Each of these materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, and one should not give preference to either. Plastic is softer than glass but less resistant to mechanical damage. However, modern spectacled plastic lenses are coated with a compound that gives strength and invulnerability to scratches. Thus, it is important to take into consideration the convenience of the person who will wear them.


The advantages of plastic lenses:

Lightness is a significant advantage of plastic lenses (they are twice as light as glass).

Plastic is also a much safer option (for this reason they are recommended to be inserted into glasses for the elderly, children and drivers).

Plastic also offers unlimited possibilities when it comes to processing (for example, dyeing in different colors).

The advantages of glass lenses:

The index of glass lenses (refractive index) is higher than that of plastic.

Glass is stronger and more stable (with the exception of strong mechanical shocks).

Therefore, with the same diopters, it can be more graceful, thin and less curved.

Anti-reflex coating is a special technology that enhances the optical properties of lenses (it can increase transparency by up to 10 percent). Due to the absence of interference, glasses for older people with such lenses are very comfortable with impaired vision, even at night they allow you to see perfectly, they are also highly recommended for people who often drive. Medigap Policy for Older Adults:  Seniors can purchase Medicare advantage plans for paying their out of pocket costs.

Fruits should be part of your daily meals

Fruits should be part of your daily meals

It is true that you can eat a fruit or different types of fruits and get satisfied that you will keep dinner. For those people who love fruits, they are better placed to accrue huge amounts of vitamin C. it is important for seniors to take different types of fruits each day so that they can get the necessary vitamins crucial for the formation of very crucial ions in the body. Did you know that most homes are controlled by vitamin C.? With that, you can actually control your aging by simply eating a large deal of fruits. If you need to remain younger long enough, then consider using a lot of fruits always.

How much of vitamin D should a senior consume per day?

2019 medicare advantage plansAccording to nutritionist, seniors and any other person should at least ingest 90 mg of vitamins per day. This does not mean that you need to eat just a mango and the 90 mg will be achieved. The 90 mg of vitamin C is something that should be accrued from eating many fruits. With that idea, you need to take a bowl full of peeled and chopped. The fruits should be of a variety and you don’t need to eat mangoes every day. That is when you will hit the 90 mg target.

Consider taking more organs and guavas

Oranges and guavas are the best. The reason behind this is that they are high of vitamin C and with that you don’t need to take too much for you achieve the 90 mg mark of vitamin C required per day. However, you need to add other types of fruits because different fruits are good in their own ways. You need to consider taking mangoes as well so that you can as well get a good amount of fiber from them. Mangoes will help you with your digestion and that is also very important.

Fruits intake increases your appetite

What do you feel whenever you take fruits? Fruits may not make your stomach full but it makes you want to eat more and more. Actually you can  get 2019 medicare advantage plans at https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org and actually eat a whole goat on your own after you have eaten a bowl of fruits. With that idea in mind, it is very important to dwell on fruits at all time. Seniors are not good when it comes to eating some of the food stuffs but as soon as they start with a fruit, the appetite will just come.

Protect your skin by avoiding too much sun exposure

Protect your skin by avoiding too much sun exposure

Just like babies, seniors have a very delicate skin. Skin is the largest organ in our body and it needs a lot of care. Taking care of you skin is not just oiling it and visiting a doctor in case of infection. You will agree with me that seniors love traveling during summer and that means there is a lot of sun. Our skin is tasked with manufacturing of melanin crucial for absorbing harmful rays from the sun. If you are a senior who has just retired and has just settled back at home, it is very important to make sure that your skin is protected from the sun ray. Here are a number of ways to take care of your skin.

Always consider visiting a dermatologist                 

Sometime, we seniors may think that our skin is safe just by the external looks but sometimes whatever we see does not reflect what our skin health is. With that idea in mind, it is crucial to consider the fact that we are not skin experts and that is the reason why we need to be visiting a skin expert on monthly basis. Far from that, it is also important to see a doctor regularly so that we can get some advice on 2019 medicare advantage via https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org that will help us improve our skin care. When someone advises us, then we have something to use as reference when handling our skin on daily basis.

Apply lots of sunscreen lotion during summer

Summer is that time when you will experience sun light that last for more than 12 hours in just one day. If you are spending your time along a sea shore, then it is very crucial to consider taking your own sunscreen so as to make sure that your skin is protected. The skin lotion works by creating a top layer on your skin and this layer is very special as it both prevents your skin and cools your skin even when the sun is very intense.

Stay indoors when the sun is unbearable

There are those seniors whose skin normally react with sunscreen. With that they may not want to use this remedy. That means that you should just consider the simplest option and that option is just staying indoors when your feel like the sun is producing a lot of heat that does not auger well with your skin.

Top 5 Immune System Boosters for Seniors aged 65 and above

 Top 5 Immune System Boosters for Seniors aged 65 and above

Maintaining a healthy and strong immune system is very important especially if you are 65 and above. This is because seniors are prone to infections than young adults. This implies that they must take precautions to avoid any health-related crises. Get quotes for medicare supplements from AARP at https://www.medicaresupplementplans2019.com/aarp-medicare-supplement-plans-2019/

Respiratory infections and influenza are among the leading cause of death for the senior in the society. The higher one grows in age, the more susceptible he or she becomes to these diseases. These tips will help in the prevention of serious health issues that are related to cold and as well hastens the rate of recovery.

  • Take Multivitamins and herbal supplements

Herbs such as ginseng, Echinacea and other vitamins have been very useful in diseases prevention and body nutrients availability. You should speak with your doctor before taking any of these supplements.

  • Eat healthy, stay healthy

If you eat less as a senior, you will be short of vitamins and nutrients. You should eat more of vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, Vitamin E, beta-carotene and Zinc. Eating grains and lean protein meals which is low in sugar and fat is a good way to stay healthy.

  • Regular Exercise

You promote your blood circulation while driving away heart-related problems by engaging in regular exercises. With this, your mind and body becomes relaxed while your immune system is boosted in the process. Some of these exercises include yoga, bicycle riding, spinning, jogs, walks etc.

  • Drink more water

Seniors tend to drink less because they feel less thirsty than younger people. However, to keep the mucus membranes moist, seniors must take about nine to ten cups of water or other fluid sources a day. The level of moisture in your mucus membrane will influence your chances of contracting these flu-like infections. Apart from water, other fluid include coffee, tea, soup etc.

  • Get enough sleep

Sleep as we all know is one of the best natural immune system boosters. It helps us in the management of stress and infection. Naturally, it is a pain reliever. If you have been vaccinated against flu, sleep will help to quicken the vaccine’s utilization in the body. As a good stress reliever, sleep can help in the reduction of stomach problems and heart diseases. Failure to have enough sleep can suppress your immune system as a senior thereby increasing your chances of becoming sick.

Top 6 Tips for Picking Healthy Food as a Senior

Top 6 Tips for Picking Healthy Food as a Senior

Staying healthy begins now. As you get older, your body will demand for more nutrients and vitamins to maintaining good health. Healthy living through dieting will help you save the money you would otherwise spend on doctors especially if you have health issues like heart disease or diabetes. As you grow older, your body metabolism will become slow and you will require less calories. This implies that your choice of diet must be highly nutritious which is best for you. Below are tips to help you eat the quality of food needed for your body and is within you budget.

  1. Be familiar with the looks of a healthy plate

A healthy plate should contain the six classes of food that are based on the food pyramid. There are simpler ways to enjoy these meals without over bloating your budget.

  1. Consider the important nutrients first

Ensure that the food you eat contains the basic nutrients that your body needs. In other words, your plate should have the appearance of a rainbow with brightly colored healthy meal. Your food should contain lean meats, eggs, seafood and other sources of lean protein. Others are fruits, vegetables, grains, milk and low-fat dairy alternatives. Your food should be high in fiber but low in salt. Never neglect Vitamin D food sources which are very important for seniors. Get a medicare supplement from Cigna at https://www.medisupps.com/cigna-medicare-supplemental-insurance-2018/

  1. Read the nutrition label carefully

Whole foods constitute some of the healthiest meals. They can be found in the section of the grocery store that are for meat and other dairy produce. Shop smartly when you are to eat packaged foods by reading the labels to understand the contents of the food. If they are high in fat, sugar or salt, don’t consume them.

  1. Maintain recommended servings

Eating the right type of food for your age and body will help you to maintain a healthy weight. Follow the recommended daily servings that your doctor or nutritionist gives to you.

  1. Drink Water

Water contains almost all the healthy nutrients that you need. Never allow yourself to become dehydrated before you feel like taking a drink. Few amounts of coffee, water or tea consistently within 24 hours will save you from the hospital. Fluids that are high in sugar or salt should be avoided.

  1. Know your allergies

As you get older, your body may react negatively to some of the meals you used to eat comfortably in the past. Once you experience these signs, know that your body accommodates them no longer. Listen to what your system is telling you and avoid such recipes like plaque.

Health Care Options and Costs for Seniors

Health Care Options and Costs for Seniors

As you grow in age, your income begins to dwindle as you struggle to pay for the increasing cost of health care. Seniors who are not buoyant financially will run into debts to pay for to cover the cost of their health bills. However, there are governmental and non-governmental programs that offer subsidized health care to seniors. Most of these health care options include.


Medicare is a federal health insurance program which is dedicated to seniors aged 65 and above that must have had a full-time employment for a period not less than 10 years. The cost of Medicare is covered in the compulsory 2.9% tax paid by both the employee and the government. This health program consists of four parts with distinct functions and coverage.


This health insurance program is an initiative of the respective state governments but assisted by the government at the center. It is the last hope of the senior and any low-income individual. Your level of insolvency will determine whether you are eligible for the program or not. Medicaid is designed to cover the cost of long-term health care like hospice care, nursing home care and skilled services. Most of the seniors who are under Medicaid can also enjoy Medicare; hence they are called ‘dual eligible’. It is important for you to make findings to know the regulations for Medicaid in your state because the rules can be very complicated.

Private Insurance Health Plan

Employers or individuals can purchase a Private Health Insurance Plan which is often part of the employee’s pension plan. However, the amount to spend on this plan as a senior depends on your present health condition. If you have a debilitating health condition, there is the tendency that you will be denied coverage or be made to pay higher premium rates.

Supplemental Health Insurance (Medigap)

The health coverage which is provided in Medicare may not be sufficient for most seniors with serious health concerns, hence they should migrate to a higher scheme such as Medigap. This health insurance program assists seniors to pay for high medical expenses that are not available in Medicare. The program is made to supplement the benefits in Medicare but does not cover most long-term care such as eye treatments, hearing aids, dental care, private nursing, etc. Consider a AARP supplement plan at https://www.bestmedicaresupplementplans2019.com/aarp-medicare-supplement-2019/

Assisted Living

This is a long-term health option for individuals who require to be assisted daily for dressing, meals, bathing, medication management etc. The cost of this plan may vary based on the type of services you need and the size of apartment.