Top 5 Immune System Boosters for Seniors aged 65 and above

 Top 5 Immune System Boosters for Seniors aged 65 and above

Maintaining a healthy and strong immune system is very important especially if you are 65 and above. This is because seniors are prone to infections than young adults. This implies that they must take precautions to avoid any health-related crises. Get quotes for medicare supplements from AARP at

Respiratory infections and influenza are among the leading cause of death for the senior in the society. The higher one grows in age, the more susceptible he or she becomes to these diseases. These tips will help in the prevention of serious health issues that are related to cold and as well hastens the rate of recovery.

  • Take Multivitamins and herbal supplements

Herbs such as ginseng, Echinacea and other vitamins have been very useful in diseases prevention and body nutrients availability. You should speak with your doctor before taking any of these supplements.

  • Eat healthy, stay healthy

If you eat less as a senior, you will be short of vitamins and nutrients. You should eat more of vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, Vitamin E, beta-carotene and Zinc. Eating grains and lean protein meals which is low in sugar and fat is a good way to stay healthy.

  • Regular Exercise

You promote your blood circulation while driving away heart-related problems by engaging in regular exercises. With this, your mind and body becomes relaxed while your immune system is boosted in the process. Some of these exercises include yoga, bicycle riding, spinning, jogs, walks etc.

  • Drink more water

Seniors tend to drink less because they feel less thirsty than younger people. However, to keep the mucus membranes moist, seniors must take about nine to ten cups of water or other fluid sources a day. The level of moisture in your mucus membrane will influence your chances of contracting these flu-like infections. Apart from water, other fluid include coffee, tea, soup etc.

  • Get enough sleep

Sleep as we all know is one of the best natural immune system boosters. It helps us in the management of stress and infection. Naturally, it is a pain reliever. If you have been vaccinated against flu, sleep will help to quicken the vaccine’s utilization in the body. As a good stress reliever, sleep can help in the reduction of stomach problems and heart diseases. Failure to have enough sleep can suppress your immune system as a senior thereby increasing your chances of becoming sick.

Top 6 Tips for Picking Healthy Food as a Senior

Top 6 Tips for Picking Healthy Food as a Senior

Staying healthy begins now. As you get older, your body will demand for more nutrients and vitamins to maintaining good health. Healthy living through dieting will help you save the money you would otherwise spend on doctors especially if you have health issues like heart disease or diabetes. As you grow older, your body metabolism will become slow and you will require less calories. This implies that your choice of diet must be highly nutritious which is best for you. Below are tips to help you eat the quality of food needed for your body and is within you budget.

  1. Be familiar with the looks of a healthy plate

A healthy plate should contain the six classes of food that are based on the food pyramid. There are simpler ways to enjoy these meals without over bloating your budget.

  1. Consider the important nutrients first

Ensure that the food you eat contains the basic nutrients that your body needs. In other words, your plate should have the appearance of a rainbow with brightly colored healthy meal. Your food should contain lean meats, eggs, seafood and other sources of lean protein. Others are fruits, vegetables, grains, milk and low-fat dairy alternatives. Your food should be high in fiber but low in salt. Never neglect Vitamin D food sources which are very important for seniors. Get a medicare supplement from Cigna at

  1. Read the nutrition label carefully

Whole foods constitute some of the healthiest meals. They can be found in the section of the grocery store that are for meat and other dairy produce. Shop smartly when you are to eat packaged foods by reading the labels to understand the contents of the food. If they are high in fat, sugar or salt, don’t consume them.

  1. Maintain recommended servings

Eating the right type of food for your age and body will help you to maintain a healthy weight. Follow the recommended daily servings that your doctor or nutritionist gives to you.

  1. Drink Water

Water contains almost all the healthy nutrients that you need. Never allow yourself to become dehydrated before you feel like taking a drink. Few amounts of coffee, water or tea consistently within 24 hours will save you from the hospital. Fluids that are high in sugar or salt should be avoided.

  1. Know your allergies

As you get older, your body may react negatively to some of the meals you used to eat comfortably in the past. Once you experience these signs, know that your body accommodates them no longer. Listen to what your system is telling you and avoid such recipes like plaque.

Health Care Options and Costs for Seniors

Health Care Options and Costs for Seniors

As you grow in age, your income begins to dwindle as you struggle to pay for the increasing cost of health care. Seniors who are not buoyant financially will run into debts to pay for to cover the cost of their health bills. However, there are governmental and non-governmental programs that offer subsidized health care to seniors. Most of these health care options include.


Medicare is a federal health insurance program which is dedicated to seniors aged 65 and above that must have had a full-time employment for a period not less than 10 years. The cost of Medicare is covered in the compulsory 2.9% tax paid by both the employee and the government. This health program consists of four parts with distinct functions and coverage.


This health insurance program is an initiative of the respective state governments but assisted by the government at the center. It is the last hope of the senior and any low-income individual. Your level of insolvency will determine whether you are eligible for the program or not. Medicaid is designed to cover the cost of long-term health care like hospice care, nursing home care and skilled services. Most of the seniors who are under Medicaid can also enjoy Medicare; hence they are called ‘dual eligible’. It is important for you to make findings to know the regulations for Medicaid in your state because the rules can be very complicated.

Private Insurance Health Plan

Employers or individuals can purchase a Private Health Insurance Plan which is often part of the employee’s pension plan. However, the amount to spend on this plan as a senior depends on your present health condition. If you have a debilitating health condition, there is the tendency that you will be denied coverage or be made to pay higher premium rates.

Supplemental Health Insurance (Medigap)

The health coverage which is provided in Medicare may not be sufficient for most seniors with serious health concerns, hence they should migrate to a higher scheme such as Medigap. This health insurance program assists seniors to pay for high medical expenses that are not available in Medicare. The program is made to supplement the benefits in Medicare but does not cover most long-term care such as eye treatments, hearing aids, dental care, private nursing, etc. Consider a AARP supplement plan at

Assisted Living

This is a long-term health option for individuals who require to be assisted daily for dressing, meals, bathing, medication management etc. The cost of this plan may vary based on the type of services you need and the size of apartment.

Health Conditions that are Common with Seniors

Health Conditions that are Common with Seniors

Some of the leading causes of death among adults aged 65 and above are highly preventable and treatable. Understanding these diseases is very important because you will figure out when and how you can be treated or managed. This list provides you with insight to the leading cause of deaths among seniors. Get quotes here for plan G supplements

Heart disease

Your heart can beat uncontrollably and circulation impaired if you suffer from heart failure, hearth arrhythmia or heart attack. One of the leading causes of this condition is diabetes, smoking, inadequate exercise, improper diet, family history and high blood pressure.


This category includes colon cancer, breast cancer, and skin cancer. Among this category is the infamous bone marrow disease which is called leukemia. Seniors are more prone to these diseases than other members of the populace.

Pulmonary Disease

Chronic obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is responsible for difficulties in breathing. As the disease advances, it becomes increasing difficult for you to breathe. Over 50% of the people living with this disease are not aware that they have it. The key to its treatment is early which is through a simple process called spirometry.


This disease is caused by brain hemorrhage or a blockage of the blood flow to the brain. Both causes can lead to paralysis, immobility, swallowing problems, speech disorder, and brain damage. This disease is more common with seniors who are living with High blood pressure or diabetes.

Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer is often characterized by a gradual loss of memory, changes in personality and loss of physical abilities. There is no known cause or cure to this disease. However, there are medications in place to slow down its progress.


This infection is mostly common among seniors during winter. Those with diabetes, high blood pressure and other respiratory diseases are at higher risk to it. The best defense for this is the flu vaccine.


Adult on-set or Type II diabetes have been one of the leading causes of deaths among seniors aged 65 and above. While this chronic disease reduces the efficacy of the body’s immune system, it increases the risk of heart attacks, stroke, and other blood circulation issues. It prolongs the healing of wounds while respiratory problems like influenza and pneumonia becomes difficult to contend. It can be prevented and managed by maintaining a reasonable weight, having a regular exercise and eating balanced diet.

How Should Seniors Start Investment after Retirement?

Investment after retirement sounds practical for many senior citizens who have a ton of money in their life finally, and wish to double or triple it by putting huge sums on profitable ventures or assets. However, it is essential that you follow your invest goals with a practical mindset – so that the twilight years of your life are never at risk.

Develop financial goals

There is more to investments than simply expecting returns. It is essential that you have proper financial objectives in place and then make investments accordingly. Whether it comes to saving for retirement or purchasing a dream car or home, you can work with an investment planner to get assistance on how to begin and make profits quickly.

Research on market trends

As an investor, you should consider how to make wise monetary investments. Keep yourself updated about the specific market you are interested in, get more news and knowledge about the global markets and know about the latest business trends. This can make it more convenient for you to choose the best financial instruments for building a good portfolio and for making successful investments. The 2019 medicare advantage plans at have info for Blue cross blue shield for 2019.

Develop Cash Emergency Fund

Before beginning investments, it is essential that you have set some money aside and developed an isolated cash fund for emergencies. Keep in mind that the market is volatile and you cannot actually rely on redeeming from the market during emergencies. With a proper emergency fund, you can feel slightly easier to begin your own investment journey.

Assess your own risk bearing capacity

Risk bearing capacities vary across investors. You need to assess your own risk profile as an investor, and decide how and where to invest finances and make fast profits. The level of risk that you are prepared to take will determine how much money you will be capable of investment. Manage your risk. In case you have a thousand dollars to invest, do not put all of it in only one type of investment. Ensure that you diversify to be on the right track.

Make constant reviews

Constantly review your investments, preferably every month, to check whether your investments have or have not worked. When you diversify investments, you can focus putting your money again and again on those investments that are working for you. As markets move up and move down, it is better that you focus only on successful investments and stop putting money on others.

3 Types of Investment Strategies Retirees Can Choose From

Investment strategies happen to be a specific set of behaviors, processes and rules in finance that are designed to help investors choose the investment portfolio of their choice. It is important to have a well-planned investment strategy in place before you make any investment choice. Retirees have the money as well as the time for investing, but need the smartest investing strategies if they want to ensure long-term survival. Find out about 3 types of investing strategies that retirees can pick from. The 2019 medicare advantage plans from United healthcare can save you time looking for insurance.

Active Investment Strategy

The strategy is also useful for making optimal ROI. This includes making proper decisions about the sale and purchase of stocks by predicting the future market rates for the same stocks. Stock market predictions are typically based on a perspective of market situation or economic condition that arises from technical or fundamental analysis. This kind of investment strategy is thus, based completely on an aggregate market approach instead of a particular stock.

Passive Investment Strategy

It is also referred to as passive management, in which various portfolio choices have to be made for reducing the expenses of transaction as much as possible. This is commoner in the stock market industry, although it is getting more famous in commodities, hedge funds, bonds and other types of investments. These days, there are many market indexes in existence which are tracked by different types of index funds. Investment decisions, in stock market investment, have to be taken via a detailed research about the past and present trends about the Net Asset Value (NAV) and the stock market price. The assessment about future prediction from stock market professionals should be considered as well, as capital appreciation, dividends, capital gain distribution profits etc might not be earned otherwise.

Buy & Hold

It is an investment strategy for the long-term, depending on a business concept of an amazing rate of ROI being offered by the long-term financial market in spite of volatility or a period of decline. This approach also has the notion of market timing involving purchasing at a low cost and selling at a higher rate. Smaller investors and retail investors, more commonly, use this type of strategy in investments in real estate, where the mortgage lifespan is usually the asset holding period.  If you have just retired, you have to make a proper consideration and evaluation of each of these strategies and use it for your own investment.

Natural Supplements for Elderly with Parkinson’s Disease

Natural Supplements for Elderly with Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s is among the most widely spread neurodegenerative diseases across the world. PD cases malfunction & reduces the nerve cells in your brain. The cells create an important chemical known as dopamine that transfer messages towards other regions of your brain to encourage better coordination and movement. As the disease progresses further and further, it tends to reduce the production of dopamine in your brain. This causes motor issues such as rigidity, restricted movements, balance issues, and tremors.

Natural Supplements to Fight PD:

Ginkgo Biloba

It encourages alertness, memory, & contains plenty of antioxidants. Besides, even though studies are ongoing, ginkgo biloba might help increase the activity of dopamine thus allowing adults to retain cells that release dopamine.

Fish Oil

Almost everybody of us must be familiar with the various health advantages offered by omega-3 fats and fish oil. Nevertheless, fish oil might also assist in treating Parkinson’s disease. Not only do omega-3’s protect brain cells, but they also help minimize the odds of depression in patients.


Melatonin plays a significant role in making sure you receive enough sleep each night. It also offers neuroprotective qualities which may assist in slowing down the progress of Parkinson’s disease.

Vitamin D

People who’re suffering from Parkinson’s might also face difficulty in getting their daily requirement of vitamin D.

According to experts, increased levels of this vitamin might allow seniors to reduce the odds of developing Parkinson’s disease. The relation between vitamin D & PD although isn’t well-known as of yet, nonetheless vitamin D can play an important role in understanding how the genetic stuff is used & might also offer relief from brain inflammation. Reduced vitamin D levels could also leave patients PD at a greater risk of bone-fractures as well as falls.

Medicare Supplement Plans for Elderly over 65:

Medicare supplemental plans are health insurances provided by private insurance agencies which supplement benefits which aren’t covered under Traditional Medicare that includes Part A as well as Part B. It basically fills the gaps which Original Medicare coverage leaves. Hence, they’re also referred to as Medigap plans.

Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Making Investments

Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Making Investments

Making investments sound lucrative, but it is important that you have a solid foundation in place and take care of various aspects to build a solid investment portfolio. Before you determine your own stock investment strategy, you have to consider important factors such as Financial Goal, Risk Level, Time Frame and Return Level. Here are 5 important questions that you need to ask yourself prior to making investments and expecting optimal returns.

How much debt do I have?

It is essential to pay prior dues off and clear your own credit before you make investments. It is important that you have a clean state from the financial perspective, so that you can invest without any hassles and can concentrate on your returns.

What are my financial goals?

Expecting returns is not all that there is to investing. It is essential to have your financial objectives in place – whether it is purchasing a new car, your dream house or making retirement savings – in order to invest accordingly. You can get an understanding of why you should begin with the process.

What is my understanding of financial instruments?

In the market, you can find many financial instruments that offer many benefits. The important question is often what you want to achieve as an investor, and whether you want to just save, invest with reduced risk, get long term stability or make fast profits. If you have clear priorities, it is not difficult to earn more with investments. Once you are diligent about financial products that are available in the market, you can earn fast profits by making an informed decision.

Have I done enough research about the market trends?

If you indeed want to invest your money wisely, you need to stay updated about the market, get news about the global market and have knowledge about the latest business trends to choose the best financial instruments for your investment.

How much risk can I afford?

Risk bearing capacities vary across individuals. Any top investor will recommend you to assess your risk bearing ability, so that you can ensure that you can actually have a solid investment profile. You can decide how and where you should invest money and earn profits quickly. It is a good idea to have a contingency fund in place so that you can always have a backup financial pool to fall back on in case your investments fail.

How to Make Successful Real Estate Investments?

Real estate investments are one of the best types of investments for people who have just retired and want to make their money grow. It is possible to get very high returns from such investments, when you are ready to wait awhile, invest enough time and money on your efforts, make enough research before investing and more. Here are 5 tips to help you make successful investments in the real estate market. Get a quote for 2019 medicare advantage plans by going to our site.

Get educated and informed

Take out enough time to know about the various risks associated to the types of property investments you have interests in. Get educated about the investment type, purchase tapes and books and visit many seminars – whether offline or online – to continue getting more knowledge. There is no need to purchase costly tapes and books from self-proclaimed “guru”. Purchase your academic materials from an online bookstore to save money.

Set realistic goals

Most retirees tend to purchase only one property, or make investments based on impulses or emotions instead of having a specific objective in mind. For instance, you can have an objective of making 30,000 USD every month from your real estate investments in passive rental income through the purchase of apartment buildings and single family rental houses. You should have well-defined objectives and include risk moderation methods and protections to ensure that your chosen plan is viable, stable and attainable.

Focus on team building

You need to invest in team building if you wish to expand your investment portfolio and want to develop a business. Some team members that you require include contractors, property managers, inspectors, affiliates, attorneys, CPAs, appraisers, private lenders, bankers, brokers, real estate agents etc. It might be time-consuming to develop a team and ensure that you can rely on your team members. Team building is the most vital aspect of investment other than then investment itself.

Hire a property manager

You need to have an efficient property manager who can help you with managing your investments. He can help you with many important management activities such as tenanting, background checks, leasing, taking care of tenants, repair calls, rent collection, accounting etc.

Ensure tax structuring and legal protection

You have to keep yourself safe from financial predators. Place your assets to a suitable entity or get extra umbrella insurance, so that you do not have to face trivial lawsuits. For the purpose of tax, you would like to keep your passive investments in active investments and LLC.

Finance for older adults.

Finance refers to the management of funds by an individual or company. One important group of people that need to manage their finance is the elderly people in society particularly when they approach the ages from 65 years. This is because from this point on they may become less productive because of physical strength and activeness. As such, there is an ever growing need for resources that will help serve the older adults in the management of their financial choices. This is meant to help impact the quality of life they live from this point on.  There are principal things that need to be understood about aging and reduction in financial capabilities. They include:

  • Decline in financial capability can be exploited by family and friends very easily

A good analogy of this point is the true story of a man who opted to marry alit late in life when he had wealth. The wife married him for the money and within no time she had depleted all his finances. Before this happened, the man’s family had tried to intervene but failed. This basically translates that declines in financial ability make older adults very vulnerable to financial abuse, which can be perpetuated by family members and friends, as well as by scammers and strangers.

  • Even people free from aging diseases can experience increased difficulty in financial management as they age.

Even in the absence of disease the brain’s abilities change as people age. This process proceeds a little differently for every person but it’s analogous to the aging that we see in other parts of the body: things change with age and wear. Not all changes are negative, but the changes can eventually make managing finances harder.

  • If you notice signs of financial impairment, you should start looking for expert advice.

It is certainly possible to develop some difficulties with finances and not have it be an aging associated disease. It could be mild cognitive impairment, it could be depression, it could be another medical problem, or it could even be cognitive aging.

  • Work on optimizing brain function if you are concerned about financial impairment.

The main way to optimize a person’s brain function is to identify and reduce medications that interfere with thinking skills. You should also help the older person get assessed for medical problems that interfere with thinking, such as depression, thyroid problems, vitamin B12 deficiency, and many more.  The 2019 medicare advantage plans can save you money.